Business Profit & Growth

Balancing your business costs and income requires strict controls and daily discipline.

If you have uncertain areas of expenses and priorities, these need to be cleared up quickly. Your business can’t afford holes of uncertainty leaking valuable funds. The first step is reviewing all your costs carefully. When this is organized, we need to judge what is essential and what can be adjusted. When everything is reviewed and prioritized, you and your staff will have clear guidelines. Knowing when each cost needs to be made will allow you management control that’s needed. Through careful adjustments, your income net business income should increase and you will start having the resources to grow. By discussing your options and opportunities, you will be able to direct your business professionally.


  • Are all your expenses in logical categories?
  • Are these categories reasonable to work with and simple for bookkeeping, accounting and taxation?
  • Do you and your staff understand how to quickly and professionally manage every item?
  • Do you understand your financial situation clearly, and what your choices are?
  • Are you confident your expenses are controlled at each step?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, you might have hidden costs that reduce profit and waste time. Todd Zeng CPA, CGA has developed extensive understanding of small and medium business operations. In addition, his broad training provides excellent perspective. From the delivery of professional services, project accounting, cost management and other critical factors, Todd’s clients receive thorough guidance on purchasing, cost controls, inventory management and ways to maximize profit.