Optimising Taxes

Management and financial guidance and protection for a thriving business

Business Planning

Change is the only constant in business, so the way you handle it is important. Todd Zeng CPA, CGA is adept at helping clients make good aeclslons during times of change or impending change. He can help you identify your needs relative to investment, financial or operating consultancy. You can depend on our flexible, customized, auick, thorough planning process to yield complete and accurate information — giving you the answers you need to make key business decisions.

Company Formation and Administration

Todd Zeng CPA, CGA offers customized business entity formation. You will get the security of knowing your company Is structured properly and legally. Whatever your needs are, our service is rapid, cost-effective and solutions-driven. Our corporate adminis­tration services include:

  • Establishment and maintenance of statutory records
  • Preparation and filing of annual returns
  • Notarization, apostllling and legalization of corporate documents
  • Translation services in all major languages

Start-Up Management

Your business is committed to sold expansion, developing new markets and clear succession strategies. Todd Zeng CPA, CGA is committed to your business.

Drawing expertise from our industry-specific and business advisory specializations, we will guide you through every stage of formation and growth. We will help you plan for. drive, and stay ahead of changes in your industry. We’ll help develop a strat­egy and implement cost-effective business processes, freeing you up to focus on short- and long-term business goals. Todd Zeng CPA, CGA will help you start up – and rev up – your business engine.

Operational Efficiency

Many companies, even well-managed ones, do not operate at their peak. Todd Zeng CPA, CGA can help you find where cost reduction and process optimization are possible.

Financial Reporting

Our financial reporting services include:

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • CRA communications and reporting

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Outsourcing accounting and financial support is a cost-effective way to smooth out financial staffing demands. Todd Zeng CPA, CGA can help you define the kind of support you need to accomplish your goals – from bookkeeping and transaction pro­cessing to strategic financial planning and complex enterprise project management.

Other Reporting

Nowadays, accountability in multiple formats to multiple institutions is the norm. I can help you compile any type of internal or external financial reporting, as well as budgets and forecasts. We can also create customized reports, financial dashboards etc.

Preparation of Financial Statements

Todd Zeng CPA, CGA can help you prepare financial statements in accordance with Canadian Accounting Standards, based on current best prac­tices. We can advise you, we can help you. we can educate your staff, or we can do it all. The choice is yours.


Ledgers and internal reporting that accuratety reflect your financial picture facilitate sound decision making. Assurance by a respected accounting firm gives stakeholders the confidence they need to support you.

Beyond high aua’ity audits, we can identify risks, tax leakages, etc. helping you see where strengthening is needed.

Financial Statements Audit

Our goal is to assure your stakeholders, tax authorities, banks, regulators, suppliers, customers, and employees, that your finan­cial statements fairly represent your company.

Internal Audit

Financial reporting is a given, but too often business owners forget about their operations. Our internal audit services provide the insights you need to better manage your organization. Having another eye on your business also helps deter fraud and error, helps with compliance, and helps create and maintain more effective internal controls.

Other Attestation Reporting

Financial reports rarely tell the complete story. For most businesses, a whole host of non-financial indicators also contribute to performance. Our attestation services help clients define, capture, and report on a variety of indicators of business opportuni­ties and risks. For example, we may benchmark your organization against others in the same industry. The goal is to point out strengths and deficiencies, identify ways to improve controls, decrease risk exposure, and ultimately, improve corporate per­formance.


Whether for business use or capital appreciation, your investment strategy must balance your financial goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. We can help you create and implement a strategy and structure your investment portfolio.

Investments opportunities analysis and assessment

Todd Zeng CGA serves clients in all aspects of Investment idea generation, opportunity analysis, market monitoring, and strat­egy development/implementation. When advising clients on investment strategy, consideration of tax consequences is essen­tial.

We can also provide useful risk insights into proposed projects. We can help you objectively evaluate investment projects and find the necessary resources to fulfill them.

Post investment, Todd Zeng CPA, CGA provides tax management of clients’ investment portfolios. We also perform periodic reviews to assess actual progress against forecast futures, revenue, customer and market penetration plans.

Investment due diligence

When considering any investment, you need to delve deep into all aspects of the business or proposed business. But you also know that due diligence is a lengthy, tedious and expensive undertaking — necessary, but you don’t want it to distract you from your core business.

Todd Zeng CPA, CGA Is trained to look at businesses on a granular level. We perform due diligence for clients large and small, help­ing them make informed investment decisions based on thorough investigation and review.