Personal Tax

Your earnings are under pressure from many directions and you need better control of what you have. Reducing and better planning for taxes are obvious chances to increase what you keep. Learn more about the options open to you through many financial vehicles. Earn more, keep more and save more when you take the time to better manage your tax situation. Todd Zeng CPA, CGA is highly trained in various business and financial disciplines. His professional insight provides professional and executive clients with excellent options. From personal tax strategies to business structure to project management, Todd ensure his clients’ financial picture is rigorously judged and carefully managed.


2018 Tax Season is coming. The following is the checklist that you can use to prepare your tax information before you are going to meet your accountant. It is also helpful even if you prepare the tax return by yourself.

2018 T1 Checklist

If you are a self-employed in 2018, you can claimed some expenses against your business income. Please check out the following article to find out which home expenses are eligible for deduction:

Year End Tax Planning Newsletter December 2015 for Small Business Owners

Tax Advantages of a Home Based Business

The following is the year-end tax planning strategies for you to plan your 2018 tax:

Year End Tax Planning Newsletter December 2015 for tax payers

If you are an investors, you should read following articles before year-end to make a proper tax planning for coming year:

Year End Tax Planning Newsletter December 2015 for Investors

Are you a senior residence? Have a had a proper tax planning for your retirement? Please read following Newsletter to have some basic strategies:

Year End Tax Planning Newsletter December 2015 for Seniors

If you need further information regarding the personal tax issues, please contact me through email at or phone at 604-227-8886.