Professional’s Services

Financial Management & Growth for Professionals

Engineers, medical practitioners, lawyers and other professionals – you have to manage yourself like a small company.

While your training has prepared you in the delivery your service, professional service providers often overlook important ways to increase profit. Without reducing your service levels, there are a variety of methods of controlling your costs.

Subcontracted work, timing, workflow management, accurate estimations, reasonable profit margins: if you are unsure of these processes your income might be threatened. Often it can seem like small items but without properly designing your financial system, controls and reporting, you might not see the waste.


  • Are your proposed fees at the best level to be competitive and profitable?
  • Are all your expenses in logical categories?
  • Are these categories reasonable to work with and simple for bookkeeping, accounting and taxation?
  • Do you and your staff understand how to quickly and professionally manage every item?
  •  Do you understand your financial situation clearly, and what your choices are?
  • Are you confident your expenses are controlled at each step?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, you might have hidden costs that reduce profit and waste time.

Engineer Your Financial Future: Talk with Todd Zeng CPA, CGA about the many ways you can deliver high standards of service to your clients, and still control costs and taxes. With a clear plan of how to operate your practice, Todd will guide your staff and help optimize your use to the systems you now use.

Use your professional skills to maximize the professional services your clients appreciate; use Todd Zeng CPA, CGA’s professional expertise to maximize your firm’s after tax profit.