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Reducing (if not eliminating) tax liability is a universal business goal – but challenging to achieve, because tax laws are always changing. We monitor the regulations related to your business and update your tax strategies accordingly.

Our corporate taxation services include:

  • Tax planning
  • Tax training
  • Tax structure creation and reorganizations
  • Local taxation

Tax Planning

One of our most important roles is to protect your business and its owners from liability today and in the future. Todd Zeng CPA, CGA makes use of every available opportunity afforded by the prevailing tax laws. We advise clients on all the areas/jurisdictions where tax could possibly be levied and the potential consequences of each. We customize each client’s tax strategy to address the twin objectives of asset preservation and tax mitigation. We also make sure you set aside sufficient resources for planned tax liabilities.

Tax Structure Creation and Reorganizations

Companies are dynamic. As they form, grow and change, their tax situation inevitably fluctuates. Todd Zeng’s expertise is maintaining clients’ tax efficiency under all business conditions. Todd Zeng can assist you in setting up legal entities, merging entities. Incorporating in Jurisdictions which offer favorable DTAs, and planning your exit strategy (e.g., tax-free disposal of shares/investments).

Local Taxation

Staying on top of local tax laws can be very time consuming. That’s why clients turn to Todd Zeng. We continuously monitor and comprehend all the tax rules that apply to your business. Tax laws keep changing. We keep learning. You stay protected.

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